Mechagodzilla on the attack

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THERE’S a musical monster on the loose in Wigan - and it could be coming to a stage near you this summer.

Extreme metallers Mechagodzilla are on a mission to bring their furious, eclectic blend of grind, thrash, jazz and funk to as many music fans as possible.

Having ploughed their furrow of single-minded musical extremity for around 15 years, securing countless appearances on cassettes, CDs, splits and compilations as well as online releases, the band are looking to showcase their newly-settled line-up and attract new audiences with their abrasive live performances, which often feature improvised jams and have a freewheeling, spur-of-the-moment approach.

Wigan four-piece Mechagodzilla, made up of guitarist John White, vocalist Yvette Nightingale, drummer Alistair Aspinall and bassist Justin Lukins, have already gained a reputation in their hometown for their performances at The Boulevard with Davestock Promotions, and hope to mix playing the Wigan music scene with dates in Scotland and Europe this year.

The band’s extreme sound covers an enormous range of influences, from important metal bands such as Black Sabbath and Napalm Death to free jazz pioneer Ornette Coleman, noise band Whitehouse and John Zorn’s jazz-metal hybrid project Naked City.

Having recently produced a new group of songs, the band are also hoping to record some new material this year and produce a ‘Best Of’ compilation, rounding up old songs from past vinyl and CD releases.

Guitarist John said: “We’ve had a lot of line-ups in Mechagodzilla but this is the strongest one. We tend to jam a lot with this band and it’s all about having fun and entertaining, which seems to have been lost a bit in music these days.

“We are going to go back in the studio this year, but it takes us quite a while to write because no idea anyone comes up with is ignored and we are very critical and try to make the music as intense and tight as we can.

“We don’t really have many other goals, just playing the music we like is enough for us. If people have fun at our shows and throw a couple of nice comments our way we are happy.”

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