A Lyon roars from Down Under

Lyon Estate
Lyon Estate

THE reputation of Wigan’s music scene is spreading Down Under after a young, up-and-coming Australian band chose to have their EP mastered in the borough.

Pop-punk trio Lyon Estate had the finishing touches to their debut release The Bedroom Stories done by Wigan producer John Kettle at his town centre studio at The Old Courts.

The group, made up of guitarist and vocalist Mitchell, bassist and vocalist Joel and drummer Adam, recorded the seven tracks before sending the songs across the world to be polished into their final sound by Merry Hell guitarist John.

The unexpected link between Wollongong and Wigan came about after Lyon Estate were recommended to work with John by young Platt Bridge music promoter Danny Simm, who has been helping the band with their social media profile and marketing.

John said: “Having an Australian band’s music mastered in Wigan is testament to the way music is being made these days.

“It’s so easy to send files to and fro in a way which was just unthinkable 10 or 15 years ago.

“I think the songs are good and there’s some great, fierce guitar tones on the record. If they can make it as far as Wigan they can make it all over the planet.”

It is not the first time bands have trekked from far and wide to work with John, who carried out production duties for several Canadian acts at his former Jaraf House studio in Bamfurlong.

Lyon Estate have already released two of the songs mastered by John, Catch Me and Can’t You Feel, onto iTunes, Spotify and Youtube.

The group initially developed its links with the borough as Danny has a friend in Australia who attended the same school as one of the band members.

He hopes to continue working with the band on a possible UK tour, which could potentially see the group visiting Wigan and doing more recording with John, if album sales go well enough.

Danny, 17, said: “The hardest part has been the time difference, I have to get up ridiculously early to speak to them over Skype.

“What strikes me most about the band is how hard working and passionate they are about music, they’ve got a lot of determination.

“The songs are great, it’s mostly pop-punk but a couple also have grunge elements in them. Bands like 5 Seconds of Summer have really opened a door for other groups to follow and I think their fans will really like Lyon Estate.

“I think they are putting plans together for a UK tour and if that happens it’s more than likely they will come to Wigan.”

Lyon Estate’s debut EP The Bedroom Stories, mastered by John Kettle at The Old Courts in Wigan, is set for release soon.