Album inspired by both sides of the pond

Paul Olexa
Paul Olexa

A SINGER-songwriter who made the journey across the Atlantic has released his debut album.

Paul Olexa, who is originally from Washington DC but who has lived in the borough for seven years, put together Future of Love following the breakdown of a relationship.

The Platt Bridge-based musician Paul wrote and recorded most of the album’s 10 songs as a response to his personal situation but has also included a new version of his track For You My Dear originally penned in 2006.

He says his music is inspired by a diverse range of genres and artists and he also takes inspiration from his time spent on both sides of the pond.

Paul, 32, said: “It’s a bit of a heartbreak album and I’m very excited and proud of it.

“I wanted it to be good driving music with lyrics everyone can relate to and I think I’ve accomplished that.

“I first came over for a relationship and unfortunately that’s gone now but singing, playing guitar and song-writing has always been my creative outlet and this album is the result of that.

“I had a producer who always said if you are in pain don’t just suffer, put it into your songs.

“Most songs on Future of Love were written last year with that ethos.

“The message of the first song is that because you’ve had some trouble, it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a future of positivity and happiness.

“There’s also a song called Heartbreak which has a ‘70s Motown feel and the last one is called Come On, a six-minute-long jam session with a fantastic sax solo.

“My genre is neo-soul, I grew up listening to Motown and rhythm ’n’ blues inspired by artists such as Eric Clapton, John Mayer and Bob Marley.

“I’ve also found lots of British artists. I love Queen and I think Adele is a great contemporary artist.

“I’ve also worked with some great musicians in Wigan and Bolton and the future of music here is vibrant and exciting.

“Some of the words are also influenced by living here, I’ve started using some British words in my lyrics.

“It was such a culture shock when I first came over as even though Americans and Brits speak the same language, we just don’t.”

Paul worked on the album with saxophone player Robert Weingartner and singer Cris Quammie, contributing guitar, lead vocals and keyboards himself.

Future of Love is his debut album but follows on from his single Another Round, released in 2013.

The album’s songs are now hitting the airwaves and has already travelled a fair distance through international radio.

Paul said: “It’s had a really positive response. I’ve got it playing in America and I’ve also got a friend who works on a radio station in Africa, so it’s playing there too.”

Paul is now looking to build on the release by gigging to support the album and is playing a 10-day trip to the States in April as well as booking dates locally.

Future of Love is out now available as both a download and a physical copy.

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