Album is second time lucky for Sinnergod


A Wigan metal band is delighted the long and winding process of creating its latest album is almost at an end.

Sinnergod is planning to release its second full-length effort, which will be self-titled, this autumn and the band hopes it will be a case of second time lucky.

The group recorded a large amount of material for the follow-up to debut The Seven Deadly Sinphonies last year but then decided it was unhappy with some of it, spending around eight months scrapping a couple of tracks and extensively altering other songs.

The band, comprising vocalist and guitarist Mark Hampson, guitarist Sam Saint, keyboardist and backing vocalist Paul Swindells, bassist James Dunn and drummer Chris Hampson, says the result of all the hard work is the album which best represents them as well as the most varied in terms of contrasts between heavy metal and softer passages.

Chris said: “In a nutshell this album represents everything the band is about. It includes all our influences from ’80s pop to ’80s metal and it ticks every box for us.

“My brother and I have previously been quite cautious throwing influences like Depeche Mode and New Order into the songs. It has taken us this long for us not to shy away from it.

“Without a doubt it was worth the wait, this is the strongest material we’ve ever written and it’s a real rollercoaster, from the heavy tracks we’re renowned for to lighter and electronic parts.

“The end result might need a few listens but we’re confident the majority of people are going to enjoy it.”

Chris says the new album develops the band’s love of horror themes but also includes more personal lyrics, with songs such as The Endless, for which a video has been made, dealing with the story of an individual locked away from society and seeing the world pass him by.

The group will begin sending out teaser trailers for the new release later this summer, with the album provisionally slated to hit the shelves on September 9.

The band will begin touring in September, with the dates lasting until Christmas and including a hometown show at The Boulevard just before Halloween.

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