Album launch for Invisible Ducks

Invisible Ducks
Invisible Ducks

A WIGAN classic rock band is quackers about the idea of showing off its debut album to the borough’s music fans.

Female-fronted four-piece Invisible Ducks will release Feathers, Beaks & Rock ‘n’ Roll at a launch party at The Boulevard on Friday, March 13.

The band, made up of singer Emma Dobinson, guitarist Tony Higham, bassist Sarah Higham and drummer John Baron, has put the 10-track album together at the Hop Pole Studios in Oldham with producer Adam Steel.

The album includes some of Invisible Ducks’ live favourites and new tracks which will be performed at the Wallgate venue for the first time.

The group has also produced a studio-based video for the song Left For Dead.

The band has spent around six months producing the follow-up to EP Broken Hearts, Broken Guitars while some of the songs were written before that, so singer Emma says the musicians cannot wait to finally showcase the fruits of all their labours.

Emma, 23, said: “It’s really exciting to get to this stage. We got the vinyl through and it was awesome, I can’t describe how it feels to listen to your songs finished as an album.

“We’ve got a couple of songs on there people may know, three nobody’s heard before and a few which we’ve gigged but these are the final versions.

“We’ve definitely grown as a band recording the album, we’ve had to learn a lot of things none of us had done before. We’ve been working a lot on the harmonies in the songs and although it’s been a challenge it’s also fun and adds so much to the sound.”

Invisible Ducks draw influences from the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Bon Jovi and Queen as well as more contemporary pop and rock acts such as Paramore and Halestorm.

They will be joined at The Boulevard for the album launch by acoustic act Dog Coffee, heavy rockers Above The Apex and The Arkanes, whose sound blends classic rock with indie and are about to depart on a tour of Germany.

Invisible Ducks will launch Feathers, Beaks & Rock ‘n’ Roll at The Boulevard on Friday, March 13 from 9pm. Entry is £2.

For more information about the band, visit or follow them on Twitter @InvisibleDucks