All clear for Signal Aurora

Signal Aurora
Signal Aurora
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SIGNAL Aurora are hoping the release of their debut single will clear their path to success on the Wigan music scene.

The indie four-piece, which was originally a project for Garswood duo David Brown and Alan Roberts, will release their single Clear in March, followed by the launch of their debut full-length album A Flickering of Light in late summer.

The band’s music reflects their diverse range of influences, combining something of the autumnal feel of indie acts such as Snow Patrol and Feeder’s more recent music with electric guitar leads and riffs inspired by the group’s love of rock bands such as the Foo Fighters.

As guitarist, vocalist and main songwriter Dave explains, the band’s influences range wider than that, even including acts such as Iceland’s most famous musical export. Signal Aurora’s sound palette has also taken on some new colours since the band expanded to a full line-up, recruiting Dave Fairhurst on bass and Liam Clough on drums.

Dave, 30, said: “We’re inspired by the artists we’ve always been into. Al and I like a lot of the same sort of bands, and the first act we really got into was Travis when they started out.

“Al likes the Stone Roses and I also really like Manchester acts such as The Doves. We also get compared to Snow Patrol and I guess my voice is a little similar to his, but we also like the serene vibe of Sigur Ros.

“The album will consist of around seven songs we did as just the two of us and four others which are a bit different. For example, Liam’s really into his punk, and you might hear that in his drumming.

“Lyrically it’s like a diary at times, through either good or bad experiences. Sometimes I’m inspired by watching films, but mostly it’s just personal experiences.”

Signal Aurora are the latest in a line of Wigan acts to work with Merry Hell member John Kettle at his Jaraf House studio to capture their sound for posterity, having worked with him on their music since 2009. The band are currently finalising the self-release of Clear, which will be out in March on Amazon and iTunes as well as directly available from the group through their own website.

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