Aussie EP made in Wigan a chart hit

Lyon Estate
Lyon Estate

AN AUSTRALIAN pop-punk band is proving a hit with young music fans after roaring into the charts... with a little help from the Wigan music scene.

Three-piece Lyon Estate saw their second self-titled EP hit number four on the iTunes worldwide alternative chart as well as making the UK iTunes top 40 and doing well Down Under.

The group’s success is partially made in the borough as the four-track release was mastered by Wigan producer John Kettle and their UK interests are looked after by young Platt Bridge promoter and manager Danny Simm.

Danny says the Wollongong group is proving extremely popular with young music fans and he hopes 2016 will see them make the long trip to play live in the borough, though they are setting somewhat higher sights for their UK dates.

Danny, 18, said: “I’m absolutely delighted how well it has done. It’s incredible and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since.

“They really struck a chord as they’re young people themselves, only 18 or 19, and their songwriting about growing up in Australia is really easy for people to relate to.

“I don’t think it matters where you are, every teenager goes through similar experiences with high school, college and relationships, everybody shares these things.

“We’re planning to get them over here in February to do a tour. The dream at the moment is to get them supporting Busted but we also want them to meet John and because of everything that’s come from working in this town there just has to be a Wigan show as well.”

Lyon Estate first teamed up with Danny and John while releasing their debut EP The Bedroom Stories earlier this year.

The self-titled EP sees the band explore subjects including teenage crushes on Pretty Girl and youthful heartbreak and disillusionment on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and also play She Got Me, a song co-written by Danny and UK musician Luke Potter about the joy of relationships developing.

Danny said: “They were really keen to work with John again because he really changed the sound of the first EP and gave it a professional feel.

“The song Luke and I wrote is about our girlfriends.

“I had just met mine and Luke’s relationship with his was becoming much more serious, so we wanted to express our feelings.”

The new EP has only been out for a week but reached number 2 on the iTunes pre-orders chart bfore crashing into the Australian top 40 at number 32.

After releasing The Bedroom Stories Lyon Estate spent around six months perfecting the songs for the second EP, working night and day and going over every detail of the tracks to get them the way they wanted.

Lyon Estate’s second self-titled EP is out now, available for download through iTunes and other music platforms or as a physical copy at