Back but still Trapped in Autumn

Trapped in Autumn
Trapped in Autumn
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ROCKERS Trapped in Autumn are looking forward to a bright spring following their return to the music scene.

The female-fronted group decided to take a few months away from the band over the winter but are now back gigging and recording and looking forward to a new chapter in their story.

The break has also led to two line-up changes, with Liverpool singer Emma Campbell replacing Livvy Mia at the microphone and Matt Pearson taking the space on the drum stool vacated by Danny Roscoe.

The old line-up went its separate ways almost immediately after the release of EP Entity but guitarist Matt Lunn says the group is already hard at work writing new material, with upcoming single Lungs the first of three songs planned for release in 2015.

Matt, 20, said: “It’s a relief to be writing and recording new music again.

“We are playing some of the songs off the second EP but we want to mark that as one part of our band history and then make a fresh


“Rehearsing was a bit strange at first because we had so long with the original line-up but it’s nice getting back to what we do and making progress.

“Lungs is pretty much the middle ground of what we are trying to go for.

“We’re still alternative rock but it’s a bit slower than the last EP, which was pretty full-on.

“We want to put a bit more variety into the sound and mix the heavier songs with some cleaner and slower ones.”

Trapped in Autumn, whose line-up is completed by guitarist Mike Mugan and bassist Matty Ashton, recently returned to the live arena with shows at Imperial College London’s student union and Sound Control in Manchester.

The group will return to Wigan to perform to its hometown fan base at The Boulevard next month, but Matt says the group may not play in the borough as much as it did previously.

He said: “We thought we would spread out a bit more rather than just doing Wigan and Manchester.

“We enjoy playing our home area and The Boulevard show should be good but the only way we will build up a fan base is by playing different places.”

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