Band aiming to rock charts at Christmas

Quartz Carousel
Quartz Carousel

A MUSICIAN is hoping the borough’s rock fans will steer his band to competition glory and a tilt at this year’s Christmas charts.

Four-piece Quartz Carousel, whose line-up includes former Lowton High School pupil Dave Walsh on vocals and guitar, have made the final of the Brand New Artist 2015 competition.

The group, completed by guitarist Rob Cicco, bassist Trevor Cox and drummer Anthony Camm, are hoping to secure enough support from the region’s music scene to have a chance of winning the top prize of a fully-promoted Christmas single worth around £100,000.

The group is currently fifth in the rankings, with the voting process lasting until June 30.

Dave, 26, said: “We’ve got a solid plan as a band now so the biggest difference the competition would make would be the cash injection to be able to upscale what we’re already doing by quite a lot. We’re excited about that.

“To be in the charts at Christmas would be a great honour for us. It’s all about exposure. This is what the four of us would love to do for a living for the rest of our lives if we can, so we are going for any opportunity to make this dream a reality.

“We’ve had quite a lot of support and the set-up of the competition is quite helpful for bands like us.

“The competition is one of several high-profile things we’re doing. We’ve been quite lucky recently and been given some great opportunities.”

Quartz Carousel originally met at a Wigan practice studio on Orrell Street and the current line-up has been together for around eight months.

The group, whose musicians draw influences from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Muse, punk bands such as Black Flag and alternative pop-punk groups like Blink 182, has already ensured one of its songs will go on a compilation CD by making it through to the final stage.

The competition organisers will then declare the overall winner on June 30, with the chosen artist being put at the centre of a huge six-month campaign to top the charts this Christmas with a single which will receive its own music video and a massive marketing campaign. The festive season’s charts have become something of a battleground in recent years between the winners of TV talent shows and more unusual songs being plugged by protestors as a backlash against the likes of Simon Cowell, but Dave says he would not want Quartz Carousel’s song to get into any such musical squabbling.

He said: “Personally it just seems like art should never be a competition. We’re trying to create something we love and hoping other people will too.

“Having said that, if I had to pit anyone who won X-Factor against Rage Against The Machine I know what my choice would be.

“If we won we would probably write something new as our Christmas song, although we’ve got a few that are certainly relevant if not necessarily festive.”

Quartz Carousel are in the Brand New Artist 2015 final, which ends on June 30.

To vote for them, dial visit www.facebook.com/QuartzCarousel or www.quartzcarousel.com/vote