Band bringing back grunge

Degeneration Fuzz
Degeneration Fuzz
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THE large image of a foot crushing down on all and sundry on the front of Degeneration Fuzz’s EP perfectly captures the effect their attempts to invoke the spirit of Seattle circa 1991 and its effect on the music scene.

The three-piece, founded last November, has already taken Wigan by storm with their combination of crushingly heavy guitar riffs and catchy pop melodies.

Degeneration Fuzz, formed of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam McCann, bassist Daniel Carmichael and drummer Dean Baylis, play an updated twist on the grunge music of the early ‘90s heavily inspired by the likes of Nirvana but also including influences from the likes of The Pixies, punk bands and even some more experimental acts.

The band’s sound is showcased on the self-released EP Dark Splatter, and having already played hometown gigs at venues such as the Boulevard the musicians are now focused on bringing their songs to audiences around the North West this summer.

Adam, 26, said: “The response to the EP has been phenomenal. It’s fantastic to think your own songs are being listened to and downloaded all over the world.

“We’re currently preparing for a gig in Manchester at the Dry Bar and we’re hoping to finalise some Wigan gigs too, but I want to take the songs further afield. I’d especially like to play student campuses as they like alternative music.

Adam says Degeneration Fuzz came together very quickly, with the musicians playing a couple of jam sessions together and quickly realising they were presiding over the start of a brand new band.

He said: “We had a full set of cover songs to play within two sessions, and now we’ve got a full set of all our own songs as well. We write all the time and will be heading back in the studio this autumn.

“I’ve always played music in a punk vein but Danny and Dean have been in more experimental bands before and you can hear that in the sound. We’ve been told we have the frantic feel of bands like Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr.

“We’re not a trendy band and don’t want to be, we’re just three guys who enjoy listening to records all day and this is what comes of it.”

For more information, visit the band’s Facebook page.