Band going back to punk’s roots on Low Street

Low Street
Low Street
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A WIGAN punk band is thinking on a continental scale after its members decided to return to the roots of their favourite musical style.

Four-piece Low Street formed last September and is already setting plans to take its hard-hitting brand of alternative punk across Europe with shows scheduled for Ireland and Germany.

The Newtown band, formed of Jon Coffey on guitar and vocals, Tom Christopher on guitar and backing vocals, Tom Robinson on bass and Rob Knight on drums, has aleady been hard at work writing songs and recording debut EP Back to Roots.

The group hopes to build on the roots of rock ‘n’ roll-influenced Wigan punk act The Crownings, of which Jon, Tom Christopher and Rob were all previously members, after Jon and Tom spent time playing a more thrash metal-related brand of music in Snakes in the Grass.

Jon said: “Tom and I decided we wanted to carry on where we had left off in The Crownings but build on what we had done before.

“We’ve been best mates with Rob for years and he was the original drummer in The Crownings, so it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

“It’s just gone from there. No-one really expected anything to start, it just happened, which I think is the best way.”

The tracks from Back to Roots which have been released online by the band have drawn comparison to the likes of The Offspring and Sound Distortion.

The group headed to the Jaraf House Studio in Bamfurlong to record the six songs which make up Back to Roots, working with producer John Kettle of The Tansads and Merry Hell fame, and hopes to record a second EP at the end of this year.

Jon said: “It was great working with him. He really brought the best out of the songs, they all grew even more as we spent time there.”

The group made its live debut at The Tudor last September, and hopes to return there for the EP launch party within the next couple of months.

Since Low Street’s last gig appearance in December the band has been writing furiously, with around eight new songs to add to the set lists.

However, having already travelled extensively around the North West music scene venues in their previous bands, the musicians are looking further afield for some of their other gigs in 2014.

Jon said: “We’re going to Germany in July, and hopefully we can go round Europe for a while and get about half a dozen gigs.

“We’re also playing in Dublin at the end of May, which should be really good as I’ve got a lot of family over there. We went to Ireland with The Crownings and absolutely loved it, it was a great experience.

“We don’t want to overdo it to start off with, and we want time to take in a bit of the culture while we’re abroad.

“It’s exciting to be going to a new place where you don’t know anybody and they don’t know who you are, there’s a great sense of adventure that comes with that.

“When we started in The Crownings I think we were a bit naive, we just expected things to come to us, and that’s not the right way to approach it. You’ve got to put yourself out there.”

Low Street will release its debut EP Back to Roots soon. To listen to some of the tracks search for Low Street on Bandcamp or SoundCloud.

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