Band’s Twitter bid for Glasto


A WIGAN unsigned band is hoping the power of social media will propel them all the way to one of the world’s most famous music festivals.

Pop-punk trio Boomin are calling on their fans to take to microblogging site Twitter to try and secure them a slot at Glastonbury, a Mecca for around 150,000 music lovers each summer.

The band, made up of guitarist and vocalist Adam Langmead, bassist Rory O’Grady and drummer Edd Langmead, launched the campaign after a friend of the group managed to get comic folk group the Lancashire Hotpots on to one of the iconic Somerset festival’s stages using social media.

Boomin, who have secured support slots with big hitters such as McFly and saw their debut full-length album Original Junkie soar up the iTunes rock downloads chart, now hope people power - recommending the group to organisers Michael and Emily Eavis through Twitter - will be enough to land them a place in the fabled Vale of Avalon. Bassist Rory said: “One of our mates ran something similar for the Lancashire Hotpots and the organisers must have received so many Tweets that they checked them out and offered them a slot, so we’re going to have a go ourselves.

“If there was one festival to do this campaign for Glastonbury would definitely be the one.

“If you get on the line-up there you feel like you are moving up because all the best acts going are there every year.

“We’ve never actually been to the festival ourselves, we’ve been to several of the other rock festivals, but I think our music will fit with Glastonbury’s crowd a bit better.

“Bands want to play festivals because you get people coming from everywhere and there’s such a wide range of audiences.”

Glastonbury was founded in 1970 by farmer Michael Eavis and has since grown into one of the world’s best-known music events, famed for its links with radical political causes, raising millions of pounds for charities and the green fields area, which showcases crafts and arts.

The band will be resuming their Twitter campaign to try and secure a place at the festival later this month, and will be calling on their fans to help persuade the organisers.

Boomin are also finalising their busy schedule of gigs for this year, and attempting to secure slots at some of the smaller music festivals across the North West.

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