Beware Snakes in the grass

Snakes in the Grass
Snakes in the Grass

THEY might have only been going for a few months, but their driving brand of punk is already fuelling the ambition of Snakes in the Grass.

The group, which came together through the demise of two other punk acts last December, has already recorded an EP of hardcore-influenced punk rock which matches a heavier guitar sound and elements of 1980s speed metal to the distinctive, primitive rock ‘n’ roll sounds that marked out the members’ previous bands, The Adjusters and The Crownings.

Snakes in the Grass, made up of frontman Ash Corner, lead guitarist Phil Bowen, guitarist Jon Coffey, bassist Tom Christopher and drummer Jamie Godfrey, put together their debut release Wolves and Snakes with Wigan music scene legend John Kettle at his Jaraf House studios.

The band has also shot a video for the EP’s title song and continues to pen new material at an impressive rate, with all five members chipping into the song writing.

Snakes in the Grass have also secured a live outing in Southampton with Black Bullets before a hometown show at The Tudor later this year, but guitarist Jon reveals the group have more ambitious plans to take their sounds to a wider audience.

Jon said: “We’re all looking to take the band to the next level, even playing around Europe. We want to play Wigan shows but not every month, because then people see the same set.

“We’re looking forward to the show at The Tudor, and there’s going to be a special video premiere, but I can’t say anything else about that yet.

“When this new band came together everything happened very quickly, we had the EP within four weeks and now we’ve got a 12-song live set.

“The sound is a lot heavier than what we used to play, with a more hardcore style, but I’ve come up with a few similar riffs and they’ve worked well. We’re also covering Destructive Personalities from my old band, which is nice because Ash is singing and I can concentrate on just rocking out on guitar.”

For more information, see Snakes in the Grass’ Facebook page. Their debut EP Wolves and Snakes is available through the group’s Bandcamp page as a free download.