Birds of a feather flock to the Tudor

A Rookery
A Rookery

A ROOKERY are on the bill this weekend at The Tudor for some folky fun.

Imploding Inevitable have drafted in the Calder Valley group to provide this week’s entertainment with support coming from the We Are Willow project.

The festival always strives to bring unique acts to Wigan and Saturday night will be no different.

The progressive modern folk band will rock up at the New Market Street pub with their individual influences and tastes and roll out their modern takes on traditional folky sounds.

Chris Butler’s We Are Willow project are returning to the venue to provide some contrasting support. The project has seen the Chris Butler, one half of Manchester duo Butler – Williams, collaborate with many different musicians including Sam Lench and Kathryn Edwards.

Organiser Baz Wilkinson said: “We Are Willow are good friends of Imploding and have played a few times in the past.

“They are gigging in support of the last instalment of a project that’s seen them perform with a host of well respected artists in Manchester, and have received Record of the Week at Piccaddilly Records for their last two instalments.

“It’s a pleasure to have them back again.

“This one sees them going back to more garage band roots, so Wigan should be well excited.

“A Rookery are playing for the first time and are in contrast to We Are Willow, though they do have a big sound.

“It’s going to be ace to see both bands, and I highly recommend people pop down and see them as it’s free entry, yet again.”

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Organisers have a special treat planned in January for the festival’s sixth birthday with Laura J Martin booked.