Boomin release debut album

Original Junkie
Original Junkie
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SUCCESSFUL pop-punk band Boomin hope to reach the charts after completing their debut album.

The three-piece, who have previously supported McFly, will officially release Original Junkie on August 13, although music fans can pre-order their copy now.

The album’s 12 songs were recorded at Alien Sound Studios near Skelmersdale and mixed by the band themselves with the assistance of Mark Wainwright.

Original Junkie sees Boomin, made up of guitarist and vocalist Adam Langmead, 25, bassist Rory O’Grady, 26, and drummer Edd Langmead, 30, further hone their brand of fast punk riffing and catchy, anthemic choruses already showcased on their previous Happy Birthday EP.

The subject matter of the album will also be reasonably familiar to fans, with songs about life on the road and unusual occurrences in everyday life.

However, bassist Rory also promises the album will take listeners on a journey - with a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.

Rory said: “Much of the album is about things which have happened to us as a band and experiences we have had gigging, so there’s a song called Get Off My Microphone and a rather controversial one called Kill the DJ, which is about certain venues where we have been accused of playing too loud or earning complaints from the neighbours.

“We also tend to work with certain ideas for many of our songs. We focus on making every chorus one which will stick in listeners’ heads, and we combine rock guitars with pop melodies.

“However, for the full album we’ve included several interludes and segues between the faster, heavier songs, and we’re also using bits of piano and synths, which is a bit different to what we’ve done before. We also used some filtered drums to create an electronic effect in certain songs.”

A key part of Boomin’s success is their all-action live show, and Rory says they are already looking forward to showing off some of Original Junkie’s anthems on stage.

The album will be released through iTunes and is being distributed by Townsend Records, who have produced albums for the likes of McFly and Beady Eye.

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