Boomin storming the charts

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A WIGAN band are making a splash on the iTunes album chart with their debut release.

Pop-punk three-piece Boomin have seen their album Original Junkie soar to 22nd on the iTunes rock downloads chart by Tuesday, surrounded by releases including the Greatest Hits of Fleetwood Mac and remastered versions of John Lennon’s Imagine and Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

The band, made up of guitarist and vocalist Adam Langmead, 25, bassist Rory O’Grady, 26, and drummer Edd Langmead, 30, has received nearly 60 positive ratings on the iTunes chart for Original Junkie, which has been given five stars by many site users.

Original Junkie builds on the sounds of the band’s previous Happy Birthday EP with its mix of sharp, fast-paced punk guitar riffs inspired by the likes of Buzzcocks, anthemic, poppy choruses and lyrics dealing with the trials and tribulations of life in a band and on the road.

The band also hope to make further inroads on the iTunes charts and climb up the official UK album chart, where they are still lying outside the top 100.

Since launching Original Junkie on Monday the band have also received offers from promoters and managers, with a Stateside tour potentially in the pipeline.

Bassist Rory said: “It felt amazing to see the album so high up, even though it’s now going to be tough to maintain it. We were looking at the albums around us on the chart and they were just incredible, releases that must sell copies every day.

“We even managed to get above Urban Hymns by The Verve, which was at 25, so we like to think that just for one day we were the kings of Wigan.

“Things are now starting to open up for us although there’s nothing concrete as yet. We’re just hoping to put a team together to pick the right options for us.

“Going to America is something we’re definitely looking at, as a few bands have gone over there before they were successful in the UK. We just want that little break which will make things explode.”

Original Junkie is available to download from iTunes, and is also available to buy from Amazon and Play.

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