Bringing country sounds to the UK

Toria Lynn
Toria Lynn

A YOUNG Wigan singer hopes to continue building the UK’s enthusiasm for an all-American genre of music with the release of her debut EP.

Toria Lynn, from Hindley, is bringing the country-pop sounds of Nashville to this side of the pond on Country Came Country Did.

Toria developed her passion for country music attending line dancing at the Monaco Ballroom in Hindley with her mum and was inspired to sing in the style after listening to modern US female artists such as LeAnn Rimes.

Her debut EP’s four tracks showcase a variety of songwriting styles and includes stand-out radio song Told You So, with Toria drawing inspiration from contemporary American musicians such as Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.

Toria, 25, said: “We’ve gone for the country-pop label because we want to show that the music has changed and you can now really bridge into the mainstream.

“The singers I like have a great attitude, they’re not afraid to take a risk and are constantly developing their sound so every song they bring out is different. I’ve tried to get that from my EP.”

Toria recently performed to a sold-out audience in Leigh supporting the Gary Quinn band at the songwriter’s hometown gig, and hopes to take her place in a rapidly-growing UK country scene including acclaimed groups such as Ward Thomas and The Shires.

She is currently in the process of putting together her own band to hit the road in 2015, saying she particularly wants to secure a slot on a pop-up stage at the massive Country 2 Country Festival at London’s O2 Arena in March.

She said: “The UK scene is thriving at the moment and with things like C2C it’s only going to get better.

“Currently we’re focusing on getting the band in sync so we’re ready to play at the festivals alongside all the other country bands.

“We’ve currently got two guitarists but I’ve even had a harmonica player interested and I would like to have a mandolin in the band.

“The band Dexeter has an accordion player and it makes them unique, so I’d like something to really make us stand out too.” Toria is also writing with guitarist Howard Susman and hopes to bring out a full-length album next year.

Country Came Country Did is available now from and will be out on iTunes soon. For more information about Toria’s music search for her on Twitter or listen at