Chonkin’ good crowd

Chonkinfeckle with their new member, Mark Hodgson on the right. Music Scene
Chonkinfeckle with their new member, Mark Hodgson on the right. Music Scene

TWO have now become three.

Chonkinfeckle have officially added a new dimension to their folk act in the form of perfuccsionist Mark Hodgson.

The Lancashire lad has joined Tim Cooke and Les Hilton and brought along drumkit made out of an old rucksack frame and a children’s drum set bought from ebay.

With ‘mad inventor’ Mark on board, Chonkinfeckle will certainly get the town talking with their new, updated act.

Tim said: “We had been toying with the idea of having a third member for a few months.

“First we thought about having a bass player, to add some bottom end, as the ukulele is quite a high sounding instrument.

“Then we advertised for a keyboard player, but nothing came of that either.

“Then I found this old tea chest in a charity shop in town for £.

“I bought it, took it home and turned it into a tea chest bass.

“Then Les had the idea of inviting Mark into the fold.”

Mark has previously worked with Les in the ukulele dup The Piecans and Coaltrain.

Les said: “Mark is the only person I know who is brave enough or daft enough to tackle the washboard as a percussion instrument, and so it brings together the classic skiffle band combination of Tim’s tea chest bass and washboard, an almost forgoten sound.”

Mark has been a drummmer since the age of 14.

Inspired by The Sex Pistols and The Clash, he originally had dreams of being a punk rocker.

He staretd out with a band called The Carbonless Copies with TV’s Mr Muscle Howard Pratt.

Mark added: “I have played in lots of amateur bands from heavy metal and punk to cabaret and blues.

“I started playing the Ukulele about five years ago.

“It’s the only instrument simple enough for a ham-fisted, tone-deaf buffoon like me.”

Chonkinfeckle are now gearing up to perform at the Wigan Food and Drink Festival which kicks off on March 1.

Tim added: “And I have been laying some vocals down to umpteen new songs Les had written in his home studio.

“There are some absolute crackers he has written including one called When Mike Tyson came to Wigan.

“We will also have a special Food and Drink CD available at the Food and Drink events which we are appearing at.

“All songs are food and drink related, so people should watch out for that.”