Comedian Sarah’s song about her love of pies

Sarah Morgan with a Wigan kebab
Sarah Morgan with a Wigan kebab

A Wigan stand-up comedian and musician says her light-hearted tribute to the town’s favourite foodstuff has been given a boost by an out-of-this-world publicity stunt.

Sarah Morgan originally wrote I Love Me Pies, a parody version of well-known operatic song Caro mio ben, and produced a video for it shot all around Wigan last year.

However, the song has now been given a new lease of life on social media after pub and restaurant boss Tony Callaghan sent a pastry snack into orbit to promote the latest World Pie Eating Championships contest.

Sarah, who was brought up in Up Holland and later moved to Aspull, suggests she may look to capitalise on the latest development by getting involved in next year’s competition at Harry’s Bar herself.

She said: “I was doing a bit of opera training because I deliberately wanted to use it for comedy purposes.

“I chose of this well-known aria and one of my friends said that as I was from Wigan I could sing about pies. Once I had the idea I came up with the lyrics while driving back from Manchester.

“Now the pie has gone into space. I actually sent Tony Callaghan my link and I thought I should have gone along to the pie eating championships but I was already booked.

“Next year I’m going to turn up and sing my pie song, if they would like it. I think it’s only right, fitting and proper. I definitely won’t be competing, though.”

I Love Me Pies has already become a popular part of Sarah’s stage show, performing it to the accompaniment of a piano accordion and involving audiences in some interactive performances.

She said: “People don’t expect me to be holding a meat and potato pie on stage. I also skewer some pies, which I do on the video as well, and then throw them out to various members of the audience.

“I do refrigerate them very carefully, though, I take hygiene ratings seriously.”

Sarah, who now lives in Blackrod, recently proved her talents with a microphone by winning the Beat the Frog competition at Manchester’s famous Frog and Bucket comedy haunt.

As well as tickling audiences’ funnybones Sarah is a trained optometrist and teaches at the University of Manchester, also weaving her science interests into her music and comedy with a song about reading glasses.

She says filming the video for I Love Me Pies was a memorable experience and friends have already suggested follow-ups based on other northern delicacies.

She said: “I went to Wigan Little Theatre, Wigan Pier, the DW Stadium, Uncle Joe’s Mintballs factory, I did all the town’s highlights. We drove around with my son and his friend doing the filming.

“I was wearing an opera dress for the video so I got a few funny looks. One kid asked what I was doing and his mum replied I was filming an advert.

“I’m probably just going to stick with my pie anthem for now, although one of my friends has suggested I should do a song about pea wet next. That might be too much of a stretch for audiences outside the north, though, I don’t think they even know what scraps are.”

To find out more about her follow her on Twitter @slmorgan