Country gent Gary in plea

Gary Quinn
Gary Quinn
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A COUNTRY musician is turning to the very latest funding methods by asking fans to help get his debut album on to the shelves.

Gary Quinn, who has earned critical acclaim on both sides of the pond after performing at the genre’s spiritual home in Nashville, hopes to finance his first full-length album through fan-funding website Pledge Music.

Gary, who lives in Leigh, is offering fans of his songs the opportunity to receive a host of exclusive offers, including hand-written lyric sheets and T-shirts, while organisations with the funds to make a bigger pledge can even sponsor tracks on the finished album.

One of the borough’s biggest charities will also be benefitting from Gary’s songwriting abilities, as he has teamed up with Wigan and Leigh Hospice and will give the Hindley-based organisation a percentage of any proceeds from the album.

Gary, 31, said: “I’ve played quite a few big gigs in the past 18 months or so and people have been asking about an album, so it seemed the right time to get something produced.

“There’s a mix of songs, some were co-written in Nashville and some are my own. One track is being recorded here but the others are being produced in Nashville because the engineers there put a different touch to things and they’ve really got my sound across well in the past.

“The minimum pledge is £8 and then you can go right through to around £750 for sponsoring a track, which I hope will appeal to businesses.”

Gary describes his music as “modern country with echoes of the past”, with his influences ranging from contemporary performers such as Keith Urban and Garth Brooks to classic country acts.

He says he is writing songs for the album with one eye on America, hoping artists in Nashville will pick up on the tracks and give them a major label release.

He said: “There’s a few ballads on the album, some tongue-in-cheek numbers and some mid-range tracks which I hope will be radio-friendly.

“I write in quite a commercial way so there’s a lot of love songs on there, but there’s also more humorous songs about drinking and staying out all night.

“I’ve already got one track which is waiting to be recorded by someone in America and I’m in talks with more record producers, which means I know I’m on the right path.”

Gary is also putting a UK-based band together to tour the Americana festivals of Britain this summer.

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