Cutting edge of dance music returns to town

Assistant manager of The Lime Bar, Wallgate, Wigan, with DJs from left, James Keman, Tom Ullmann and Andy Bond
Assistant manager of The Lime Bar, Wallgate, Wigan, with DJs from left, James Keman, Tom Ullmann and Andy Bond

A TRIO of DJs hope to bring back something of the glory days of Wigan’s dance scene with a new monthly club night entirely dedicated to house music.

Andy Bold, James Keman and Tom Ullman are putting on Discombobulated, a new event at the Lime Bar on Wallgate to try and revitalise the town’s nightlife and re-position Wigan at the cutting edge of dance music.

The DJs will be spinning the very best in house music tunes all night at the former Baa Bar once a month to try a bring a taste of popular European clubbing destinations such as Ibiza to the borough.

The event is the brainchild of Standish DJ Andy, who has been filling dance floors across the North West for around a decade, including playing venues in Manchester and Liverpool, and has now joined forces with two friends to set up Discombobulated.

However, while Andy, James and Tom, who is also known by his stage name DangerMouse, may all look back nostalgically on the days when Wigan Pier was one of the continent’s most well-known venues, they recognise that attracting clubbers in 2013 requires a very different approach.

Andy, 44, said: “The days of Wigan Pier are pretty much all gone and finished now.

“We were playing bounce music on the top floor of the Lime Bar and it seemed like that was just dying, but we are fanatical about our music so we wanted to set up something completely different.

“It’s going to be all house music but there will be all different types of it with some electro and funky grooves too, as kids seem to be listening to more of that at the moment.

“I think people see house music as a bit more classy and they want a slightly more upmarket night. People used to go to the Pier in trackies and trainers, but they’re not into that these days.”

Discombobulated is currently only playing tunes already out in the house music scene, but Andy says they are thinking about incorporating some of their own music in the future, as James is a particularly keen writer and record producer.

The nights will feature all house on the ground floor, with a programme of music on the top floor which has yet to be finalised.

Discombobulated will run monthly. For more information, search for Lime Bar on Facebook.