EP shows power of Shark’s bite

Bite The Shark
Bite The Shark

JUST when you thought it was safe to go back in the water a second release from Wigan act Bite The Shark appears.

The punk three-piece is following up its acclaimed debut release First Blood with five-track EP Tantrum.

The band, made up of Rory O’Grady and brothers Edd and Adam Langmead, produced the new EP working with celebrated metal and rock producer Romesh Dodangoda, who has previously been on engineering duties for the likes of Motorhead, Funeral For A Friend and The Blackout.

Tantrum sees the band continue its interest in writing aggressive, powerful, socially-conscious songs influenced by classic punk acts such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols as well as more modern interpretations of pop-punk by the likes of top US act Green Day.

Bassist Rory said: “We write honest rock and pop music about world issues which have affected us personally and continue to be a problem not only for us but many people out there.

“We released a single last year not expecting much as we were so new to the scene and unbelievably it charted and sets us up in good stead.”

Anyone desperate to hear a taster of what the EP, which has mastered at New York City’s Sterling Sound studio, has to offer can head over to the group’s Youtube channel to hear first release S.W.Y.D, which stands for Sleep When You’re Dead.

Bite The Shark has also been honing its live set, with the debut single landing the group prestigious support slots with the likes of The Undertones and The Boom Town Rats on the UK’s festival circuit.

To support the new EP, which is released on March 1, the group is embarking on a tour of the UK this month on a bill featuring Drop Down Smiling and Fake The Attack.

The group will be performing for its growing fanbase in London, Basingstoke, Cardiff, Birmingham, Coventry and Essex before finishing the road jaunt on February 22 with a gig at Manchester’s Fac251 venue, also known as The Factory.

Bite The Shark is also running a pre-order for Tantrum, which can be signed up to now.

The EP release and tour means it will be a busy start to 2015 for the three musicians, as they have to combine performing as Bite The Shark with their commitments as party rock band Boomin.

Tantrum, by Bite The Shark, is released on March 1 and pre-ordering is taking place now on iTunes. A video for S.W.Y.D can be seen on Youtube.

For more information, search for Bite The Shark on Facebook and Soundcloud or follow the band on Twitter @bite_the_shark