First album for SecondSon

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AN ASHTON rock band hopes the long-awaited release of their debut full-length album is the start of a creative surge.

Hard rockers SecondSon, made up of vocalist and lead guitarist Mike Gill, guitarist Si Anderton, drummer Stuart Makin and new bassist Chris Southern, have released their album Open Your Eyes, now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The CD sees tracks originally recorded in 2007 finally take pride of place on a release alongside some of the four-piece’s newer songs, with the whole package being meticulously re-mastered at Jaras House, a studio in Bamfurlong owned by Merry Hell’s John Kettle.

Open Your Eyes’ 15 songs sees the band, who have known each other since attending The Byrchall High School together, both consolidate their brand of hard and classic rock spiced up with a few more modern influence and stretch their songwriting talents in new directions.

However, drummer Stuart is also very clear about what kind of music his band do and do not play.

Stuart, 32, said: “We’re a hard rock band but we’re definitely not metal. People compare us to Metallica a fair bit because of the vocals and guitar sound, and we’ve played on a few bills that were much more metal, but we see ourselves as a rock band and draw the line at some of the heavier styles.

“The album has some of our most popular songs, such as the single See You On The Darkside and Halo, which seems to be our flagship song which sums us up best, but the last couple of tracks are much lighter with more clean guitar.”

The album’s release comes at a pivotal creative point for SecondSon, with former Ain’t No Saints member Chris replacing Paul Monks on four-string duties due to personal reasons, and Stuart is excited about the band’s future..

He said: “Paul’s girlfriend is Polish and they’re moving over there. We’ve written a few songs which didn’t make it on the album, and we’ve got songs which are both heavier than our old stuff and also a completely acoustic song.

“We want a bit of both on our next recording, and Chris was also the main songwriter for his previous band so we want to spend time experimenting with ideas.”

To find out more, search for SecondSon on Facebook.