Glassheads cook up a new treat

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THE third single from Glassheads is nearly ready.

Pressure Cooker is due to be released early next year with a video shot and edited by the legendary Brian Cannon. Taking inspiration from the tumbling economy and drab atmosphere felt by all, the laid-back lads have penned a hard-hitting realist track.

Guitarist, Andy McKay said: “This new track is pretty much about the state of the world right now and what’s going on at the minute.

“It’s about how people need to stick up for what they know isn’t right, like a lot of Government decisions.

“The video kind of reflects that too and that will be online shortly.”

Having had success with the first two singles Man in the Street and Error of Your Ways, guitarist Andy, Ian McCluskey on vocals and guitar, Andrew Seddon on bass, and Jon Davenport on drums have supported the likes of Futureheads and Kid British recently.

Andy added: “We’ve been getting a lot of support with regional radio, most notably BBC Manchester who asked us to play the Ruby Lounge for one of their nights and then played the whole set on the show a couple of weeks ago.

“We got a great reaction too and the station has been playing us quite a lot lately which is also really good news.” The New Year looks set to be a busy affair for Glassheads who will be focusing on their debut album.

Andy said: “We’ll be looking at the album side of things once we’ve got the single promoted and sorted out.

“We have got some great opportunities coming our way so there’s a lot to be getting on with as well as securing studio time to do the album.

“Since Haigh Fest, everything has been going really well.

“It was a top gig, we all really enjoyed it, and following that were our other big gigs so it’s been going really good.

“We’ve just got to keep pushing ourselves and writing more and more, keep building on it.”

Glassheads will be appearing at the Press Room on December 16.

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