Help to bring light from darkness

Bill Hart
Bill Hart

A WIGAN musician is turning to the public to help prove that music truly is an art form which transcends language barriers.

Bill Hart, one half of songwriting duo Hart-Carney, wants to include the speaking voices of music fans on new song Light From Darkness.

Jack Carney

Jack Carney

The duo, which features Bill on vocals and drums and Jack Carney on guitar, bass, piano and vocals, want to include people saying the words of the song’s title in as many different languages as possible on the track, which will be part of upcoming album Huhh-ho.

Bill says the song is about self-empowerment and knowledge and also has a hometown link as the title is an English translation of Wigan College’s old Latin motto.

He said: “We wanted to do a song for the world, and for me the light is self-awareness, growing out of the darkness.

“I was heavily involved at Wigan College and have a great deal of affection for the place so I used its Latin motto. The college was my route out of the back streets of Wigan and on to a more enjoyable life. I think we are all looking for that.

“Through education I was able to reach self-empowerment. Life is a journey, a series of lessons to be learned, and that’s how I think of this song.

“What I want to do is have us singing the song and then suddenly these voices pop up saying the phrase in other languages.”

Anyone who wants to take part in Light from Darkness should record themselves saying the phrase in a language they know other than English and email them to Bill.

Hart-Carney’s music is a mixture of pop, folk and and the rock ‘n’ roll practiced by groups in Standish-based collective Lankykats which Bill founded.

Huhh-ho, which the duo is currently recording, will be the follow-up to last year’s debut album Tah-dahhh, but Light From Darkness will also be available as a single to download for a donation to charity.

Bill says he hopes the finished album will have around a dozen tracks and will be out for Christmas.

Sound clips for the song Light From Darkness, together with the speaker’s name and the language they are saying the words in, should be emailed to

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