Hollywood inspires band’s video

Inside View
Inside View

GIVEN their new album is named after the world’s most famous film-making location it is no surprise Inside View enjoy getting behind a camera and shooting music videos.

The pop-rock three-piece have just finished producing their latest visual effort to accompany their song Come Over Girl, taken from their second full-length release Hollywood.

The band, made up of singer and guitarist Anthony O’Brien, lead guitarist Danny Heaton and bassist Will Potts, filmed their latest video in Southport for the song which tells the story of a clearly-doomed relationship.

With Hollywood hitting the shelves a couple of months ago the group say they are looking to do more music videos as they enjoy the format.

Singer and guitarist Anthony, 30, said: “Music videos are another creative outlet and something we do enjoy. We get a lot of input into what the videos are about and telling a story is another way of getting it out there compared to just hearing the song.

“Our friend Lauren Tregay stars in the video for Come Over Girl.

“It’s about liking someone but already knowing it’s not going to work out yet wanting to try anyway.”

Hollywood sees Inside View, whose studio line-up is completed by session drummer Sean Murphy, explore their love of the US both musically and lyrically.

Drawing influence from singer songwriters such as Ryan Adams and John Mayer as well as bands like Matchbox Twenty, the follow-up to Inside View’s 2012 album Let Go is an affectionate tribute to the other side of the Atlantic.

The album was recorded at The Lounge studios in Wigan and Anthony says the band is extremely pleased with the result.

He said: “On our first album we sounded more indie but this time we’ve embraced our American influences and it’s also a bit more poppy.

“Danny and I went out to California to do a few gigs in 2011 and that definitely influenced quite a few of the songs on this album.”

The music video for Inside View’s song Come Over Girl is out now. The track is taken from the band’s album Hollywood which is also available now.

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