Icons of The Jam heading for Kaff

From The Jam
From The Jam
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WIGAN music fans will be able to make the short trip to a town called malice when The Jam’s biggest hits are blasted out on stage once again.

From the Jam, founded by the legendary punk rock group’s bassist Bruce Foxton, will perform at Wigan nightclub Kaff next month as part of the band’s The Public Gets What The Public Wants tour.

The power trio, made up of Bruce on four-string duties and vocals, guitarist and singer Russell Hastings and drummer Steve Barnard, better known as Smiley, will bring their set full of The Jam’s best-known tunes, such as Going Underground and The Modern World with songs from Bruce’s solo career included to the venue just off Wallgate.

The Jam originally exploded on to the British punk scene in 1977 with their debut single In The City and became one of the biggest-selling bands of the era with no fewer than 18 UK Top 40 singles, and band leader Bruce is looking forward to playing Wigan as he says the area has always been a hotbed of support for bands such as his.

Bruce, 58, said: “The Jam were very well received in that neck of the woods all those years ago, and thankfully there’s still that kind of support now. People want to hear all those great songs, which is a testament to the songwriting.

“It was a very exciting time, and we were a band which made a social comment and wrote about all the feelings we had.

“We still play all that material with as much passion and conviction as when we were originally gigging. We don’t rest on our laurels, we go out there and give it 100 per cent every night.”

The Jam’s sound, based on the driving rhythm section of Bruce and drummer Rick Buckler behind songwriter and guitarist Paul Weller, was immensely successful until their split in 1982, with their last five albums and eight singles all making it into the top 10.

As well as playing bass Bruce also took lead vocals on David Watts, a cover of a song by The Kinks, and News Of The World, a track he also wrote.

From The Jam was founded in 2006 as The Gift but quickly renamed themselves and have since become renowned for the kind of incendiary live shows which made The Jam the soundtrack to British youth life in their heyday.

The band also appear on the acclaimed 2012 album released under Bruce Foxton’s name Back in the Room, with several songs finding their way into From The Jam’s live sets, though Mark Brzezicki has since been replaced on the drum stool by Smiley, who has performed with a host of famous musical names including Joe Strummer and Robbie Williams.

The group will visit Wigan as part of a lengthy tour lasting until the autumn, which sees the band performing in towns and cities the length and breadth of the country.

Bruce said: “We’ve branched out and are going further afield to towns which we maybe didn’t play before. It just really works for us.”

From The Jam will play at Kaff on May 9. For more information, tour dates and ticket information, visit www.fromthejam.co.uk