Indie-rockers Ravellas hope for big year as momentum grows


Wigan indie-rockers Ravellas are hoping for a big 2017 with their latest single pulling at the strings of success.

The four-piece’s third release Puppettes in November has picked up momentum, getting 180,000 plays on Spotify and being featured on regional radio.

The group, comprising bassist Jon Coe, lead singer Martin Cunliffe or Mac, guitarist Michael Bishop and drummer Aidan Butler, has been around for a couple of years and is enjoying the current high profile for indie music, with groups like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Vant and Blossoms generating interest.

Jon said: “The music industry does go in circles like fashion, one thing’s in at one point and people will say that’ll never come back but 10 years on we could all be wearing flares, though hopefully not.

“The resurgence of indie music is great for unsigned bands and smaller bands like us because it starts spurring up an interest and with things going well for us at the minute it’s really positive.

“If there aren’t smaller bands working towards being more successful then it might never come back into fashion I guess, it only grows from grass roots.”

We have a lot to live up to as Liverpool and Manchester are probably the two most iconic cities for indie rock music

Jon Coe

The band will continue to release singles before an EP in April and also has gigs coming with a headline show in London, a homecoming at Wigan’s The Old Courts and performing on the main stage at the Camper Calling Festival this summer.

The band also plays at Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club in March, which Jon says is exciting for any group from the region.

He said: “We have a lot to live up to as Liverpool and Manchester are probably the two most iconic cities for indie rock music.”

With inspirations ranging from Oasis to Jon’s interest in everything from hip-hop to Van Morrison, the group has eclectic tastes but will also write about everyday life in the North West.

Jon said: “Where you come from has an impact on who you are and what you see and how you want to live your life and what the norm is. Coming from Wigan is great for us because it is a northern working class town that has its pros and cons.”

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