Lankykats to rock the Cavern

The Lankykats
The Lankykats

A WIGAN-based musical collective will be heading to the birthplace of The Beatles to help celebrate one of the Fab Four’s birthday.

Rock ‘n’ rollers Lankykats, who put on gig nights twice a month to recreate the sounds of the 1950s, will take to the stage at the world-famous Cavern Club in Liverpool this summer.

The collective, which is based at The Unity Club, in Standish, will make what has become an annual pilgrimage down the East Lancashire Road to the Cavern Club as part of the celebrations for The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr’s 73rd birthday.

Seven bands will perform on the Paul McCartney stage on the day, with most of them being regulars on the Lankykats stage in Standish, and the collective’s founder Bill Hart says the chance to play at the iconic home of Merseybeat is a huge thrill for all the musicians.

Bill said: “Some of the band members never got to play at the original Cavern Club in the 1960’s so for them it’s a dream come true.

“Just to trek down those many precarious steps and into those dark vaulted brick rooms is still enough to send shivers down your spine.”

The event will also mark something of a first for Lankykats as the six bands from the collective, including The Bluenotes, Phaze II and The Delawares, will be joined by American act The Sixth Generation, who will come all the way from Michigan to pay tribute to the influence of British bands on music across the pond in the 1960s.

The band, who were originally inspired to pick up their instruments by the so-called British Invasion of 1964, when English bands’ blend of rock ‘n’ roll, soul and blues with elements of skiffle and Merseybeat made a huge impression on young fans Stateside, will include in their set a tribute to the country called Rock On England.

Keyboard player Ron Hamrick said: “We were pretty amazed at what was going on back then in Liverpool and the UK in general, so we just sat up and formed a band, and we have been playing on and off ever since.

“Then we got Bill’s invitation to play at The Cavern, so we have been in the studio to record my specially written song.

“It’s a poignant tribute song which says thank you to the many people of England for making our lives so special with your kind of music.”

The Lankykats collective will play at The Cavern Club in Liverpool on July 7, with doors opening at midday. Entry to the gig is £2.

The Lankykats also play charity fund-raising gigs at the Unity Club, in Standish, on the first and third Thursday of each month.

To find out more, visit www.lankykats.com