Lyrical Libraries a massive success

Urban musician A Me B with participants in her Lyrical Libraries project
Urban musician A Me B with participants in her Lyrical Libraries project

THE hush of a library was broken by the sound of music as an urban artist from the borough taught young people to write and record a song.

Amy Burns, best known by her stage name A Me B, organised the Lyrical Libraries project which saw a group of budding singers and rappers given a crash-course in what it takes to put a hit track together.

Charlotte Taylor, Holli Scott and Cerys Roe

Charlotte Taylor, Holli Scott and Cerys Roe

The group created rap-pop song Move On, with Amy leading them through writing a song and putting lyrics together before the project ended with a celebration performance at the library for family and friends.

The young people aged between 12 and 16 were also introduced to the world of recording, heading into the studio at The Old Courts in Wigan to create a permanent version of Move On to take home.

Amy, 22, said: “It went really well and some of the feedback I got has been really nice. They were really good kids who were great to work with, really on board. It was lovely to see how much they enjoyed it too.

“The song has a mixture of singers and rappers and there was one girl who just wanted to write but she got up to perform in the end. She wasn’t too confident so it was nice to see that transition.

“We covered all aspects of song writing and I gave them a book each to write their ideas down, which they were using to come up with things outside the sessions.

“For one exercise I told them to get a book from the library and write something based on a word or phrase in it. We also listened to music and I asked them what feelings, thoughts and pictures they got from it.”

Amy is also preparing a promotional video showcasing both the project and the finished song.

Following the success of the first Lyrical Libraries Amy is now looking to extend the concept, with Ashton Library believed to be particularly interesting in holding the workshops.

As well as recording her own music Amy is currently running a variety of music workshops for groups including young carers, youth offenders and children in the care system.

Amy said: “I went on a project management course and that made me want to run my own events in our borough, because I don’t always think there’s a lot going on for young people.”

To find out more about the project, search for Lyrical Libraries on Facebook.