Marcadia keep sound search local


WITH a high-profile hometown support slot under its belt the first year as a band has been anything but ordinary for Marcadia.

The Wigan four-piece formed around eight months ago and have released two songs as well as appearing around the North West live scene.

The group, made up of guitarist and singer Jake Kelly, guitarist Gary Telford, bassist Jordan Molyneux and vocalist and drummer Lewis Bolton, says it is still searching for its ideal sound but draws influence from hugely-successful northern bands such as Oasis, the Stone Roses and The Beatles.

Marcadia, who describe their sound as “indie rock ’n roll” have also enjoyed a high-profile support slot appearing at The Old Courts on the same bill as The Ordinary Boys, featuring Preston of Celebrity Big Brother fame, when they recently returned to touring following a 10-year break.

Ince musician Jordan, 23, said: “The Ordinary Boys was a pretty good gig. The group kept themselves to themselves a bit but they seemed really sound guys.

“We’ve played live quite a bit because gigging is definitely the best part of being in a band. We’ve played places like the Night and Day in Manchester, Liverpool and opened Wigan’s Blind Tiger.

“We’re hoping to get bigger gigs and would like to get to London soon.

“We’re really pleased with the progress we’ve made and we’ve definitely got better both as individual musicians and as a band.”

Marcadia formed after Jordan returned to Wigan after studying at university in Sheffield and found fellow Ince musician and old school friend Jake was looking to start up a band.

He had already recruited Pemberton guitarist Gary and Whelley drummer Lewis, who were looking for a new act as their old band had just called it a day.

The group came up with its unusual name as it originally liked the word Arcadia as a possible moniker but gave it an extra spin to make it more unusual.

Marcadia has recorded two songs, Tell Me and Wait For Someone Else, at The Lounge Studios in Wigan and hopes to bring out its debut EP early next year in time for the band’s first anniversary.

Jordan says the group hopes the new release will have a slightly different sound to the songs produced in 2015.

He said: “We’re still figuring our sound out. We call ourselves indie rock ’n roll but we don’t like to compare ourselves to anyone because that implies what you’ve got isn’t original.

“I don’t really know what we’re moving towards but we’re still experimenting with what we enjoy. I think we’d probably like to put more blues influences into our songs.”

“We write about being young and impressionable and going out. We also write about women and relationships, which are also quite a pivotal point in most of the songs you hear.

“Life in general is what really inspires our songs.”

To find out more about the band, visit www.facebook.com/Marcadia or follow them on Twitter @MarcadiaUK