Merry Hell are loving the video they’re in

Merry Hell
Merry Hell

A WIGAN folk-rock band has put its own distinctive brand of musical merry hell-raising on camera with a video and new download single.

Merry Hell became stars of the small screen by appearing in a music video for their upcoming release of Loving The Skin You’re In, the driving opening track from their acclaimed 2013 album Head Full of Magic, Shoes Full of Rain.

Filmed at locations including Flecky’s tattoo parlour and the Unity Club in Standish, the band assembled a large cast of friends to celebrate the song’s defiant message of refusing to conform to stereotypes and external pressures while staying true to people’s own personalities.

The group hopes the video and single release will build expectations for an upcoming spring tour, which takes in venues across England and Wales and ends with a homecoming show at The Honeysuckle in May.

Singer and guitarist Virginia Kettle, who oversaw the concept of the video, said: “We all agreed that we wanted it to try and create a festival of diversity so we invited some of our most colourful and unique friends to help us.

“From the moment they all turned up, we knew they were going to be just brilliant. It’s a mixed group of people with a shared intention to let the commercial world know that the air-brushed puppet with the perfect mannequin smile doesn’t really do it for us anymore.

“Everywhere we’ve been we have met such inspiring people, from amazingly talented musicians to those who make incredibly weird and wonderful things, all with their stories written on their faces, in their eyes and in their deep love of music.”

The light-hearted video also marked the final performance in Merry Hell for bassist Andrew Dawson, who has been replaced on four-string duties by Nick Davies.

The band has also expanded to an eight-piece with multi-instrumentalist Neil McCartney, best known for his fiddle playing, joining.

Neil has previously toured the world in his band Big Geraniums, who have played alongside the likes of Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, while bassist Nick is a former member of Sound Marshals and Jesus In India.

Merry Hell will themselves be heading out on the road once again in April and May for a total of nine gigs scattered across the country from Rhyl to London, following a string of high-profile festival appearances supporting their sophomore album last year.

To see the new video for Loving The Skin You’re In by Merry Hell, search for the song on Youtube.

Tickets for the band’s latest tour are available through the website