Metal band following the left hand path

Destined for Damnation
Destined for Damnation

ONE of Wigan’s most extreme bands is looking to write its name in the book of heavy metal with its upcoming debut full-length album.

Destined for Damnation have already released two EPs of their brand of technical and visceral modern metal as well as making considerable inroads into the region’s live music scene.

The group, made up of vocalist Mark Barron, guitarists Eden Leviston and Matthew Parkinson and bassist Taylor Finney, is currently searching for a drummer following the departure of Josh Vermiglio from behind the kit.

As well as auditioning sticksmen the musicians are hard at work writing the songs for their first full album, hot on the heels of latest single Unsung Divisions.

Mark, 19, said: “We met at school and college and soon started taking the music seriously. We started gigging ferociously and did two EPs, and now we’re writing a lot for the album in my home studio.

“The album will also feature our first acoustic track. It’s about finding all the different things we can do, piling them into the album and seeing what sound comes out.”

Since their debut release in 2012 the band has made quite an impression with its raging take on metal, influenced by the likes of Parkway Drive, Suicide Silence and Bring Me The Horizon, whose sound engineer recorded their single at his studio in Sheffield.

The songs combine technical guitar leads and intricate, off-kilter rhythms with brutal power and aggression, carried along by Mark’s vocals which range from a chilling high-pitched scream to a powerful growl.

He said: “We try to combine technical riffs with catchiness, while my lyrics draw on what has happened to us as a band and personally.

“There’s a mix of subjects. We do see a lot of bad things being in a band, like people who won’t go to gigs unless you’re supporting a big band or leave after seeing one act, but we’ve also got a lot of fans abroad through internet radio stations and that inspires us to carry on.”

Although Destined for Damnation is currently taking a break from the live scene to recruit a new drummer and finish the writing for the album, which will probably be called Chapters, the group has built up a reputation for its high-octane shows in Wigan and further afield and Mark says the borough is a good place to start an extreme metal band.

He said: “There seems to be a lot of interest in the heavier scene around Wigan. We find in smaller towns people tend to come out to gigs and see us, whereas it’s harder in the big cities.”

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