Metallers bring light in darkness

Bloodwork Salvation
Bloodwork Salvation

A WIGAN metal band is hoping to confound the genre’s aggressive stereotypes and bring hope to those facing tough times.

Five-piece Bloodwork Salvation is currently in the process of recording debut full-length The Terror of Reality with up-and-coming metal producer Mark Barron.

The group, made up of vocalist Pete Leyland, guitarists Kristian Unsworth and David Harper, bassist Andrew Crook and drummer Ben Carter, takes influences from across the extreme music spectrum with everything from hard rock to death metal.

However, while covering such typically metal topics as depression and the difficulties faced in life the band hopes to inspire listeners to confront their problems rather than wallow in the misery or rage.

Singer Pete said: “A lot of people have their own issues, whether it’s drug abuse or depression, and the album is about getting a way out to deal with that and seeing there’s other people who have been through it. Things often aren’t as bad as they may look.

“When I write I think about how you should deal with a problem, rather than how people do actually deal with it. Being metal it’s very aggressive music but we want to say don’t give up.

“Sometimes when you tell people you’re in a metal band they look down their nose at you and think it’s all about alcohol and violence, which is not our message at all.”

Bloodwork Salvation started out after the original members met at rock events including the under-18s nights at Kaff, now called Pure, but expanded to the current line-up around three months ago with the recrutment of guitarist David and drummer Ben.

The 10-track album brings together several songs which have become live favourites over the past couple of years with Bloodwork Salvation’s latest creations.

The band is currently working with producer Mark at the 21:12 Music Community on The Terror of Reality, with Pete saying the process of recording has considerably improved some of the songs.

He said: “Mark is so patient with getting every little detail right. We thought a few of our songs were getting a bit old but he’s revamped them and it’s a really positive experience.

“We’re really excited about the album. We’re just figuring out the final structures of some of the songs.”

Bloodwork Salvation currently has around half of The Terror of Reality recorded and hopes to have the entire album mixed, mastered and available for fans to pick up by the end of March.

Pete says the group is looking forward to performing the new songs live, having previously brought their metal sound to venues ranging from Wigan’s established rock venues to the bandstand in Mesnes Park.

He said: “We really enjoy playing live and we’ve done a few venues around Wigan. We’ve done several events in the park with 21:12 and we’ve also played at The Boulevard and Cube.

“The scene in Wigan is still quite underground so playing in the public eye inspires us to do better as a band.

“The rock nights in Wigan and the atmosphere of live gigs growing up really inspired us to play music ourselves.

“It gives you a voice and having that drive and passion for playing music gives you something to look forward to at the end of the week. It cheers you up when things aren’t working out so well.”

The Terror of Reality, by Bloodwork Salvation, is currently being recorded and will be released in spring.

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The group also has a variety of live videos available to watch on its Youtube channel.