MUSIC SCENE - Karving out a name in Wigan

Arkham Karvers
Arkham Karvers

THEY have already made a big splash on the Sheffield music scene, and now Arkham Karvers are looking to make a mark in their frontman’s hometown of Wigan.

The band, formed at the University of Sheffield in 2008, have won praise for their blend of reggae and indie music, and have gigged around the country supporting their EP The Prices They Pay.

Guitarist and vocalist Dave Gash, from Golborne, and his Buxton-based bandmates Greg Smith on guitar, Elliott Smith on bass and Josh Reddy on drums, now want to bring their tunes, influenced by artists including The Clash, The Police and indie bands such as Little Man Tate, to the North West audiences Dave started out performing for.

Dave, 23, said: “I played in the music scene in Wigan before I went to uni, mainly with a reggae band called Branded A Fool, and I definitely want to play in Wigan again with Arkham Karvers, because it’s been so long since I’ve been back here.

“The music is a mixture of different things. Being from Sheffield originally, we have influences like the Arctic Monkeys and we have that indie vibe, but I’m also a big fan of reggae and ska music.

“I got into that when I was a kid because my parents listened to Motown and soul music, so after growing up with that I started discovering new things for myself and found reggae.

“There’s also bits of pop and soul music in our sound, and a Canadian band called Bedouin Soundclash are a huge influence on me personally.”

In recording their EP, the band got to work with one of their main influences in Jon Windle, the ex-singer from Little Man Tate now embarking on a solo career, and they are also signed to his label Tiny Teeth Records.

Arkham Karvers will tour the EP material extensively over the coming months, but Dave also promises some new songs for their growing numbers of fans.

He said: “We went back into the studio a week after doing the EP. We think it’s really good to have new stuff, even if we’re giving it away to fans for free. We’re thinking of doing a free download before we enter the studio to do a full album towards the end of the year.”

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