New band to launch That SBA Sound

Surrounded by Angels
Surrounded by Angels

A NEW Wigan band is hoping its blend of female-fronted alternative pop will strike a chord with fans ahead of the launch of their debut EP.

Five-piece Surrounded by Angels is preparing to release #That SBA Sound, with the EP’s title reflecting the group’s confidence their music will be different to what Wigan audiences have previously heard.

The group, made up of singer Robyn Xanthia, guitarist Anthony Sproson, keyboardist Ben Hesketh, bassist Matthew Murphy and drummer Tom Woodburn, has currently released two tracks and will soon make the whole six-song EP available.

First tracks On My Own and Time Goes On showcase Standish singer Robyn’s distinctive vocals backed by a mixture of melodic piano lines in the verses and anthemic guitars and strings in the choruses.

Band manager Geoff Martin said: “They’re branding themselves as alternative pop but it’s a bit different to what they have done before.

“There aren’t really any influences which come to mind and they’re not really comparing themselves with anybody, but the stage presence they are looking for is along the lines of Paloma Faith.”

Surrounded by Angels formed in November 2014 and took its name from their Angel’s Bridge recording studio in Winstanley.

The band is also branching out lyrically, with Time Goes On taking as its subject the feelings of someone whose partner has died in a house fire and they were unable to do anything to save them.

However, Geoff says the band is also determined to ensure the music provides a contrast to the apparently-gloomy subject matter.

He said: “They are making them more like pop music, not just a string of ballads. There’s a lot of love songs out there but these are quite a bit more upbeat.

“All the songs tell a bit of a story. Time Goes On is about someone who was just standing there watching the fire and couldn’t do anything about it. It’s a beautiful song.”

The group plans to release a full-length album by the end of this year but is currently rehearsing the EP’s six songs ahead of its live debut at the White Horse in Westhoughton next month.

However, Geoff says the group is also keen to make plenty of appearances on the Wigan live music scene.

He said: “Robyn’s got a bit of a following around Wigan so we’ve decided to stay around the area.

“The town’s got a good music scene and we’re hoping to play venues like the Cherry Gardens and we’re also in touch with Wigan Live Festival.”

Surrounded by Angels’ debut EP #ThatSBA Sound will be released soon. To find out more about the band, visit or