Paul’s making more music

Paul Hutchinson
Paul Hutchinson

A WIGAN musician who has worked with some of the biggest names in rock is returning to the scene on a new compilation album.

Paul Hutchinson also known as Pash, has seen No Room by his melodic rock duo Evenhand included on the Taste Masters 4 album showcasing talent from across the region.

Hindley Green guitarist Paul originally departed his hometown to pursue a career in Hollywood with his band Eapionage which saw him work with celebrated musicians including Fleetwood Mac six-stringer Lindsey Buckingham and Elliot Easton from The Cars.

He made an equally star-studded move into producing, developing his craft in the studio with Roy Thomas Baker, who was responsible for hits such as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Now back in Wigan, Paul has been putting his skills learned in California to good use, also producing some of the other tracks featuring on Taste Masters 4 from his studio PH5.5 Audio on Clayton Street. The compilation album is the brainchild of Tony Rigg, who formerly worked at the prestigious Ministry of Sound in London before founding The Laboratory Project, a Manchester-based organisation designed to bring together the North West’s finest musical talent and take the sounds of the area to a global audience.

Tony says he is excited to be showcasing Evenhand’s folk-influenced take on acoustic rock on the album.

He said: “Paul has been all over the world and he’s such an undeniable talent I knew his song would be perfect for the album.

“I’d also been talking to an emerging Manchester band who hadn’t recorded their track for the album, so having just set up his new studio and production house I knew Paul was the perfect man for the job. I’m really happy with the quality of the tracks on the compilation, it’s world class and really flies the flag for the region.”

No Room by Evenhand is on Taste Masters 4, a compilation album produced by The Laboratory Project. The album is available to download from Monday September 30 and can also be pre-ordered and previewed at the iTunes download store.