Pop-punk band’s covers CD a real mash-up

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A WIGAN band is getting the party started with a covers CD which sees the group bringing its distinctive style to everything from Rihanna to Spongebob Squarepants.

Pop-punk trio Boomin has released new album Bangers and Mash to show off the madcap covers which have made them a favourite on the holiday camp circuit.

The CD’s eight tracks see the group, made up of guitarist and vocalist Adam Langmead, his brother Edd on drums and bassist Rory O’Grady, blast through an array of hit rock, indie, pop and dance tracks, with everything from The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army to a Bruno Mars ballad included.

The band has been performing its assortment of covers, medleys and mash-ups to holidaymakers at Britain’s three Butlins camps in the seaside resorts of Minehead, Bognor Regis and Skegness during 2013, and is already in demand again this year.

Boomin has built up a strong reputation on the Wigan music scene for its high-octane live shows and melodic punk-influenced anthems, and 2014 promises to be a big year as the band members concentrate on covers in Boomin and prepare to launch a new project to showcase their original material.

Bassist Rory, 27, said: “The album’s called Bangers and Mash because it’s a real mash-up of different songs. It’s quite similar to the sets we’ve been playing at Butlins.

“We’ve got everything from a couple of songs which go down well with kids to pop singalong tracks to Sit Down by James, where we get everyone to sit down on the floor. There’s also a conga and the set usually finishes with a big stage invasion.

“One of the medleys we play live is about 15 minutes long and has close to 40 songs in it. We’re also preparing a new set of covers and mash-ups with our own stamp on it.

“We’ve had so many holiday camp gigs that it’s virtually becoming its own product, so we thought we would give the covers album to the fans and then separate our work into two bands.

“Boomin will be a party covers band and the new group will be more like punk rock with a raw, edgier sound. Hopefully we can then really give both groups a push and go for it.”

Rory says fans will not have to wait long for their first taste of the new project, with demo tracks, a music video and live gigs all planned for early this year.

Bangers and Mash is available to download for £4 or as a physical copy for £8 at http://boominmerch.bigcartel.com

For more information about the band, search for Boomin on Facebook.