Punk rockers draw first blood with single

Bite The Shark
Bite The Shark

A WIGAN band hopes to return to the heyday of punk music with its uncompromising, socially-conscious debut single.

Trio Bite The Shark has released the three tracks of First Blood showcasing its up-tempo, aggressive sound and politically-aware lyrics influenced by classic punk bands such as The Sex Pistols and The Clash as well as American act Green Day and grunge band Nirvana.

The band, made up of Rory O’Grady and brothers Adam and Edd Langmead, recorded the three tracks, covering subjects ranging from literature to recent celebrity sex scandals, at Alien Sound Studios near Skelmersdale.

In keeping with punk’s tradition of confrontation and baiting the rich and famous the single comes with a suitably controversial cover featuring former Liverpool footballer Luis Suarez, an ironic reference to his notorious suspensions for biting opponents on the field.

Bassist Rory said: “Burn is a very political song, it’s about paedophiles. We were just shocked by the scandals at the moment and wondering how they managed to get away with it.

“The third track is based on One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, but we’ve changed the character’s name a bit.

“It’s old school punk with a bit more attitude than what we usually do, quite thrashy in places but sometimes with a bit of groove to rock out.”

The band decamped to Chinatown in Manchester to record a somewhat surreal video for lead song Gas And Air, and will be playing the songs live in the autumn around their commitments with party rock band Boomin.

Bite The Shark is also planning to return to the studio later this year in Cardiff with celebrated metal and rock producer Romesh Dodangoda, who has worked with the likes of Motorhead and Bullet For My Valentine.

Rory said: “We know a band Romesh has recorded and their singles with him sounded unbelievable. He’s also worked with some of our favourite bands. We’re trying to fit in some live dates here and there and plan a tour around November. We’re also working on a Wigan date for a homecoming event.”

First Blood is out now, available from iTunes. To find out more, search for the band on Facebook and Twitter.