Punk rockers to bite back with new band

Bite The Shark
Bite The Shark
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THREE Wigan musicians best known for their party soundtracks are returning to their roots after forming a new edgy punk band.

Rory O’Grady and brothers Adam and Edd Langmead have become regular fixtures on the Wigan scene in recent years with their group Boomin, known for its eclectic, genre-hopping sound and long medleys mixing dance, pop and rock.

With Boomin travelling holiday parks up and down the country performing a madcap covers show, the trio has decided to showcase their songwriting prowess in new project Bite the Shark.

Bassist Rory says the new band’s first songs have seen the musicians go right back to their old favourites, blending acts such as Nirvana, The Offspring and 70s pioneers The Sex Pistols and The Clash in a mixture of hard-rocking riffs and righteous lyrical rage.

Rory, 27, said: “We’ve grown up with rock, metal and punk, that’s what’s in the blood, and our songs have gone back to that old-school sound.

“It’s a lot heavier than the songs we’ve done before and there’s a much more raw, edgy feel. There’s also much less singing from me and Edd and fewer harmonies, so when we come in it’s more like chanting or shouting.

“The lyrics are much more political and angry about parliament and things like that. We really like the protest element of bands like Rage Against The Machine.

“The name is also aimed at some of the sharks in the industry, people who promise a lot and never help you progress, or only care aout the mainstream and don’t know what bands are really about. This is our chance to bite back at them.”

The group has been furiously penning songs since last October, with a dozen finished tracks already in the Bite the Shark repertoire and more to come.

The new band was launched with a four-track, self-titled demo which is available at gigs, and a music video has been filmed for Goodnight Kiss Kiss.

Rory said: “Every band starts out with a demo, so that’s what we wanted to do. People shouldn’t be misled by the demo label though, it’s probably the best sound quality we’ve ever had.”

Rory hopes Bite The Shark will return to the familiar surroundings of Alien Sound Studios near Skelmersdale to record a debut EP within the next month.

The group is also planning a typically-punk assault on the region’s live music venues, with the band making its debut in Ellesmere Port next month before showing off the new songs in Wigan for the first time at Indiependence on March 1.

For more information about the band, visit www.facebook.com/bitetheshark or search for the group on Twitter.