Ravellas revelling in indie scene


Ravellas may take more influences from Oasis than The Who but they are certainly pleased to be talking about their generation.

The Wigan indie-rock four-piece are about to showcase a new development of their sound with the release of dance-influenced new single The Thunder this month.

The band, made up of vocalists and guitarists Martin Cunliffe and Michael Bishop, bassist and vocalist Jon Coe and drummer Aidan Butler, have been together for around a year and have already produced an EP.

Martin, also known as Mac, says Ravellas were formed after the musicians felt they could play just as well as the bands on the Wigan scene and are enjoying being part of a new generation of indie-rockers in the borough.

Mac, 25, said: “The band started when Bishop and I met in Indiependence nightclub one evening. We were chatting and just thought there wasn’t that much happening on the music scene.

“We started off acoustic and it went from there. There’s now quite a few bands coming up like Lyon Road and Marcadia, we get on well with them, play a lot of gigs together and try to promote each other’s music.

“We’re basically indie rock ’n roll but the new single has more of a dance element. We’re also quite heavily influenced by Oasis and the Britpop scene and Bishop is into Nirvana.”

Ravellas take their subject matter from everyday life in Wigan and classic rites of passage such as nights out on King Street and romantic disappointments, with The Thunder’s lyrics discussing a girl with a high opinion of herself.

The band will return to the studio in May to record another EP and hopes the new songs will enable them to reach the next level on the North West scene.

Mac said: “We think our new song will help us push on and we want this to be the year when we make our mark.

“We also want to get out and play gigs outside Wigan, though we enjoy hometown shows because there are more people who know the songs.

“Our songs just come from whatever we listen to, they usually change a lot when we’ve all had our input.”

To find out more about the band, visit www.facebook.com/weareravellas or listen to them on SoundCloud.