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Levelled - Music Scene
Levelled - Music Scene
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Music Scene has witnessed a fantastic 12 months of local music.

Last summer saw 12 top Wigan bands including Glassheads and the Lottery Winners earn a place on the Haigh Fest stage.

Newcomers to the scene, Faith in Fools even secured a slot at the top gig.

Finding Emo’s Scott Parry started up a quarterly music night to support local bands while Imploding Inevitable brought some inspirational and unique acts to the borough, such as The Shook Ups and We Are Willow.

The latter part of the year, saw Music Scene speak to several young Wigan bands.

While the teenagers of Junction 23 witnessed a new line up and released anew EP, Kane McPherson and Daniel Prunty of Pitch Black launched their dub-step act.

The latest teenage collaboration to form is Levelled.

Made up of Bethany Crinks, 15, Harry Baxendale, 16, Alex Dean, 16 and Kieron Sherrington, 16, Levelled will open Simfest at Fuzzbox Studios this weekend.

The four teenagers became friends through their mutual love for music.

Starting out as Frozen Broadcast in 2010, the foursome now hope to make a dent on the local music scene.

Harry from Hindley said: “We know that there are many bands out there but what makes us different is that we don’t give up when things get tough.

“We put on great shows and will stand out from the rest by sharing our love and energy for the music with the crowd, providing adriving force, powerful vocals, and distorted rock music.”

Levelled have already performed at numerous venues across the borough with their covers of rock classics.

They will appear at Simfest on January 14 and the Avenue in Leigh on January 29.

Harry added: “We have also performed at numerous private parties but we want to back away from the pubs and really make a name for ourselves.

“This is why we are relaunching, to reinvent ourselves.”

More information on Levelled can be found on Facebook or Twitter at Levelled_UK.