Reggae-rockers The Hicks release album

The Hicks
The Hicks

A WIGAN band who have spent more than a decade on the music scene says their new album represents the best display yet of their rock-reggae sound.

The Hicks have released Vibration of Sound, with the band carefully crafting the 11 songs which make up the album which has been four years in the making..

The line-up of vocalist and guitarist Alex Hurst, bassist Paul Dean and drummer John Briscoe decamped to Alien Sound Studio to record the tracks, working with Mark Wainwright.

The group takes influences both from the heavy riffs of rock music and the laid-back sounds of the Caribbean, with vocalist Alex saying he also takes inspiration from mould-breaking acts including Fantomas and Primus.

Alex, 34, said: “I know it sounds cliched but this is the best thing we’ve ever done.

“Our previous albums have been recorded live, we’d do something like 10 tracks in two days and then I would just put vocals on it, but we didn’t want to do that this time.

“The songs on Vibration of Sound are more mature and we’ve spent a lot of time on them, so we felt we needed a really good production job.

“We wrote a lot of songs then just whittled them down to what you hear on the album.”

Alex says tracks such as Pass It On and the title song give the clearest idea of what The Hicks’ music sounds like, with crunching rock riffs and slower reggae sections often combining in unusual or unpredictable ways.

He said: “The album as a whole is a real mix. There’s some really strong reggae tunes on there, but also some of the heaviest stuff we’ve ever done.

“Some songs are also ridiculously heavy in parts but then some reggae just breaks out and chills it right down.”

The group is currently debating which song on the album will be used for their latest video, which will be directed by drummer John.

Although The Hicks have scaled down their live programme in recent years the band’s hometown fanbase will have the chance to hear many of the songs on Vibration of Sound when the current four-piece live line-up plays two sets at The Boulevard on January 9.

Alex said: “Previously we would play anywhere but now we just pick what look like the best gigs, which is a fortunate position to be in.”

Vibration of Sound by The Hicks is out now, available from Amazon, Spotify and iTunes or by visiting