Reggae-ska group’s literary new single

Jeramiah Ferrari
Jeramiah Ferrari
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A REGGAE and ska-influenced group is starting a new chapter by combining its summery sound with lyrics drawn from a complex and dark work of fiction.

Leigh-based four-piece Jeramiah Ferrari spent the new year period at The Grand studio in Clitheroe recording new single House of Leaves, the follow-up to last year’s acclaimed song Jazz Cigarette.

While musically the track is sure to please fans of the group’s sound, which blends the rhythms and laid-back vibes of the Caribbean with indie and rock riffs, the lyrics are something of a new departure for the band.

The single takes its name from a sprawling, complex book by American author Mark Z Danielewski, which is known for its unusual and innovative layouts which include mirror writing and sections with just one word on each page.

Singer Ryan Barton said: “The lyrics follow the narrative of the book and goes through some of the things which happen to the characters.

“If you read the book you’d think a song based on it would be quite menacing, but we wanted to have the contrast and balance the dark lyrics with reggae and ska-influenced music which is quite bouncy and fun.

“It’s also a bit of a throwback to some of the older bands who influence us.”

The group, made up of Ryan, guitarist Josh Aitchinson, bassist Hanson Pollitt and drummer Stuart Welch, is also filming a music video for the new song, which should be released later this spring.

Jeramiah Ferrari returned to the studio after finishing last year on a high note with their first visit to India, which saw them play at the GoMad festival and perform a gig in Bangalore.

Ryan said: “I can’t really put the experience of going to India into words, we really didn’t know what to expect but it was just phenomenal.

“The crowds had obviously been on the internet checking us out because they were singing along to our songs, and we played alongside some of the best bands we’ve ever seen.”

House of Leaves, by Jeramiah Ferrari, is currently slated to be released in March.

To find out more about the band, visit or search for Jeramiah Ferrari on Facebook.