Rock band’s alternative festive song

Sons of the Gods
Sons of the Gods

MUSIC fans bored of corporate pop clogging up the Christmas charts can rock out through the festive season with a local band instead.

Golborne-based rockers Sons of The Gods have released Dancefloor Delight in the hope of giving the latest singles derived from TV talent shows a run for their money with some grassroots music.

The four-piece, made up of drummer and songwriter Rob Hughes, singer Nerys Williams, guitarist Adrian Hart and bassist Nathan Kilburn, put the song together as an old-school rock version of floor-filling dance favourites designed to get fans smiling and throwing some moves.

The band takes inspiration from across the rock and metal spectrum, with influences ranging from classic heavy acts such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden to more contemporary groups including the Foo Fighters.

Sons of the Gods recorded Dancefloor Delight in drummer Rob’s home studio, having been really spurred into action by hearing the re-release of the Band Aid song 30 years since the initial project.

Rob, 41, said: “We feel a lot of music that gets released is not really comparable to the old classics because the songs seem to be very safe.

“When we heard Do They Know It’s Christmas? we thought it just solidified what we thought, as the new version is nowhere near as good as the original, so we thought we would do our own thing.

“I wanted a song that would be a dance within the words. When you’ve got a retro old-school kind of dance song, everyone rushes to the floor because they know the words tell them what moves to do. Dancefloor Delight is a rock version of that.”

The group has also put together a viral video on Youtube for Dancefloor Delight, and hopes music fans hunting for something new over the festive season might decide to give it a listen even though the song’s music and lyrics are not directly related to Christmas.

The musicians have become quite well known on the local scene as, in addition to performing their own material as Sons of The Gods, they also perform at venues across the borough as covers band Wolf.

The group hopes fans will propel Dancefloor Delight up the Christmas charts, though Rob admits success in the industry can often be as much a matter of luck as talent.

He said: “It’s all about timing. It’s not always about how many copies you sell as how many famous names don’t sell. You could get really high up the charts because a well-known singer’s latest song doesn’t sell well, it’s instinctively possible.

“Hopefully people looking for something a bit fresh and different to the normal maybe they can support guys who are not in the big boys’ club, like ourselves.”

Dancefloor Delight, by Sons of The Gods, is out now, available from all online music stores including Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.