Rockers Avalin bring curtain down

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WIGAN alternative rockers Avalin may be calling it a day, but fans of the five-piece’s music have not heard the last of the band just yet.

The group, made up of lead singer Jack Valentine, guitarist Ian Taylor, bassist Tom McCooey, keyboardist Alex Preston and drummer Andy Heap, brought the curtain down on their 18 months on the regional music scene with a farewell gig at The Tudor recently.

The band, whose members’ previous bands supported the likes of Bon Jovi and The Used, is splitting amicably to allow the members to pursue different projects.

However, fans should not despair as the band intends to sign off in style, with a free six-track download of Avalin’s finest songs set to be released online in summer.

Lead singer Jack said: “We did this band mainly for the fun of being in a band, and we’ve made some really good friends.

“We’re now at the stage where we’ve only got room for one band at a time. We did this very much for ourselves, we didn’t set out to take over the world although we would never say no if it did.

“The last show at The Tudor was definitely the best way to end the band, and we all got some time to ourselves at the end of the night and it’s very clear that, although it’s a parting of the band, it’s certainly not a parting of some very good friends.”

The six tracks which will make up the final Avalin release are being produced by Phil Gornell at his studio in Sheffield, with the finishing touches being put on the recordings when he returns from America with British metal stars Bring Me The Horizon.

Songwriting has been at the heart of Avalin’s approach to music, with the group choosing to scale back the number of live appearances they made in order to fully concentrate on creating the best-possible tracks.

Jack said: “We always intended this to be a massive writing project, and it’s been really fun. Collectively we had never done a full album before so we set out to do that at our own pace.

“We also enjoyed the hometown shows we did play live, they were always good and were well supported. We were planning to play a few more live shows once we had the album recorded and put songwriting on the back seat a bit.

“It’s also been great working with someone like Phil. He has a lot of knowledge about production from working in the music industry on a full-time basis.”

The release will include all of the singles which Avalin has already made available online, including their last single Sink or Swim which was released with a video shortly before the band announced its split.

Jack also says there is a possibility the other four tracks which were set to complete the full-length album, which was tentatively scheduled to be called Try To Fly, may be recorded and released at some point in the future.

He said: “The six songs are our main body of work, the ones we played live most. It’s a good mixture of faster and slower songs, and two of them have not been available online before. We’ve had our spot in the limelight and we want to carry on as long as we can.

“We’re extremely grateful to everyone who watched our videos, downloaded our tracks and came to our shows.”

The final six-track release by Avalin will be available in summer. For more information, visit or search for Avalin on Bandcamp.