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Frontman Nigel Clothier from melodic rockers Sharp Practise
Frontman Nigel Clothier from melodic rockers Sharp Practise
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A GLOBE-TROTTING group of melodic rockers will return for an exclusive hometown gig as part of the tour launching their latest album.

Classic rock four-piece Sharp Practise will round off a week-long UK jaunt supporting fifth album Steal With Pride with a show at Queens, in Ashton, later this month.

The band, made up of vocalist, keyboardist and main songwriter Nigel Clothier, guitarist Simon Foley, bassist Ryan Lawson and drummer Michael Elwood, channel the anthemic, uncomplicated spirit of 1970s rock music on their latest 10 tracks influenced by everything from global news events to nights spent listening to music with friends.

Nigel’s songs run the full spectrum of topics from reflecting on urban riots and discontent on album opener Jog On to concerns about the sexualisation of young children on Fine Line to the uprisings of the Arab Spring discussed on closing song Justice.

Nigel describes his songs as being drawn from everyday life, with a storytelling approach to writing influenced by classic acts such as Thin Lizzy and Bruce Springsteen.

Nigel said: “I write songs as an observer of life, inspiration comes from things that happen around me, things that I see or hear on my travels.

“Telling a story in a lyric is very important to me, I’ve always listened to the stories writers like Phil Lynott and Neil Finn have told and want to make my lyrics capable of standing alone too.

“Musically I try to keep the song structure simple and accessible while still allowing room for something clever to happen, which might be a guitar solo or three or a little vocal effect.” Since releasing Now You See Us three years ago Sharp Practise have gained increasing international attention, with the band’s travels earning them a large fan base in Central America and large album sales in Europe.

The band’s music has also appeared on DVDs and adverts in Italy and Japan, and a track was also used by the Odyssey 2050 project teaching young people across the world about issues affecting the environment.

However, Nigel is keen to ensure the group’s home fans are not short changed by theirbroadening appeal, with the band launching Steal With Pride with eight dates across the UK, culminating in their Ashton appearance on June 29.

Nigel said: “Success in other territories has provided a conundrum for the new album launch, but it is only right our loyal UK fan base are first to hear the new work.”

Sharp Practise will play at Queens, in Ashton, on Saturday, June 29.

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