Second coming for SecondSon


ROCKERS in Wigan should head down to The Tudor for a night of top acts from across the alternative music spectrum.

Classic hard rockers SecondSon will headline the night with a set likely to contain plenty of the finest tunes from their recently-unveiled debut album Open Your Eyes.

Ashton band SecondSon are made up of vocalist and lead guitarist Mike Gill, guitarist Si Anderton, drummer Stuart Makin and bassist Chris Southern.

They will be supported by punk act Kanada Kommando, and the promoters have also suggested an acoustic act may be added to the night, though this has yet to be confirmed.

For SecondSon drummer Stu Makin, the diverse line-ups and audiences at The Tudor are an ideal place for his band to show off their well-honed act, and he is also looking forward to returning to the live arena after a short break for band members’ holidays.

Stu said: “The last time we played live was our last outing at The Tudor, because our bassist Chris went on holiday and then I went to Turkey for two weeks, so I can’t wait to get on stage.

“There’s always a really good bunch at The Tudor who are into all kinds of alternative music, there’s punks, goths, rockers, a real mix of people.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of band you are, they always stay and watch your set, and we find the banter between the audience and bands and the atmosphere there really helps us to relax.

“Although we’re a rock band we get put on a lot of metal nights, and we really enjoy the fact that The Tudor do alternative nights where it could be almost anything on.

“The new songs are sounding really good, because we’ve always made sure that whatever we put on a CD we can definitely play live, and we’re a very live-sounding act anyway.”

Stu says the band have also been motivated ahead of their latest gig by going to see one of their musical heroes on stage.

He said: “We all went down to see Slash play in Manchester. I wanted to get straight behind the drum kit afterwards, and our guitarists loved it too.

“We listen to all kinds of music but Guns ‘n’ Roses are definitely one band we can all agree on.”

SecondSon and Kanada Kommando play The Tudor, on New Market Street, on Friday, October 12. The first band will take to the stage between 8pm and 8.30pm, and SecondSon’s headlining set should begin at around 10pm.