Seconds out ... round two

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THE third and what looks to be the final version of Wigan rock group, Secondson, has been announced.

August saw bass player Paul Monks quit the band to focus on other commitments.

Managing to find the strength to carry on, the remaining three members searched for a replacement.

And that replacement comes in the form of Paul Reay, 32.

Previously in a band called Perfect Virus, Paul is a professional guitar and bass teacher and has performed all over Europe.

Stuart said: “We seem to lose bass players like guitar picks yet we very rarely have fallouts or disagreements within our camp.

“I think the only reason we are onto our third line up is because the members we have lost over the years haven’t been able to commit themselves fully to the band, although they have wanted to.”

“We invited Paul down to jam with us and he played really well and looked the part.

“He came across has a genuine cool guy that looked easy to get along with.

“He has learned nearly the whole Secondson catalogue and is ready to hit the clubs and start writing new tunes with us.”

Stuart, 29, and band members Mike Gill, 31, on lead vocals and Simon Anderton, 31, on rhythm guitar believe this latest line up will be Secondson’s final one.

Stuart added: “It was hard to get the motivation to start looking for a replacement for Paul.

“The band was rolling along like a well oiled machine, Paul quitting the band definitely burst Secondson’s bubble but we decided to keep on going.

“If any of the original members were to quit then Secondson would be over for sure.”

Moving forward, Secondson have spent much of their time recently, tweaking their recordings and polishing up their sound.

The four rockers will be unleashing the latest line up at the Avenue in Leigh on Friday followed by an appearance at their favourite venue, The Tudor on November 18.

With studio time booked in December, Secondson have their hearts set on playing small local festivals such as Haigh Fest in the coming year.