Singer up and running with debut

Sharon Tembo
Sharon Tembo

A YOUNG Wigan singer-songwriter hopes the release of her debut single will allow her to get her music career up and running.

Sharon Tembo, from Standish, recorded Running in London with the mastering being done at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios.

The track explores Sharon’s feelings of faith and thankfulness after a burst of inspiration enabled her to break out of a period of writing block and pen the dozen songs which will make up her forthcoming debut album.

With such a strong spiritual message it is no surprise Sharon, who previously announced her musical abilities by reaching the regional final of the Open Mic UK competition in Liverpool, cites gospel music as a major influence alongside singer-songwriters such as Emeli Sandé.

Sharon, who is currently juggling music around her final year of studying biomedical science at De Montford University in Leicester, says stepping into a professional studio environment for the first time was a daunting but thrilling experience.

Sharon, 20, said: “At first the studio was quite intimidating but when the producer heard my song he was really excited.

“He’s worked with people like Sting, Eric Clapton and Britney Spears so it was great he liked my song so much.

“I was so nervous about going to the studio because I recorded my demos in my home studio with just a computer, so the equipment in London was just amazing.

“Running came about over the summer when I just wasn’t able to write but then suddenly the idea came into my head to ask God.

“Words then just started coming to me and in the final week of my uni holiday I wrote the whole album in a week. I really felt it was inspired by God.

“A lot of the songs you hear on the radio just pass you by but I really want to encourage people, help them and make a difference in their lives.”

Since competing in the talent search contests as a teenager, Sharon has performed at events including Christmas light switch-ons and weddings as well as leading the worship at a church in Bolton.

She says she is now beginning to play her own songs live and is also looking to put a permanent band together, having recorded Running with a session group arranged by the producer at Chapel Studios in Wimbledon.

Sharon said: “Once I’ve finished uni I would like to put my own band together. I’ve sung my own original songs once or twice now and now I’m hoping to start sharing my music a bit more.

“The first time I played my own songs I was really nervous as I didn’t know what people would think but they really enjoyed the gig so I definitely want to do more.”

Sharon says she has demo versions for all the songs which will be on her album and will probably concentrate on getting the full-length released next, though she also has an idea which song might make another single.

Running, by Sharon Tembo, is out to download on Friday November 27. To find out more, search for Sharon Tembo Music on Facebook and listen to her music on Soundcloud.